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Hi, I am Lee Kodo, a wedding dress designer and the owner of Lee Kodo bridal Atelier. Welcome to my magical studio!  

I graduated from Shenkar college in 2012 and opened my Brand.

I specialize in Boho chic style wedding dresses that fit every body type and  shape.

I LOVE my job! giving full attention to detail and delicate care for every aspect of the dress, that is what makes my dresses so unique. Each of my dresses is handmade with love and care, to make you feel special on your big day.

AW Collection


Lee Kodo Collection-39.jpg

this collection is all about the show! every piece of it contains tons of details, laces, beads, tussles, interesting silluetes to have an Extravagant looks and many ways to combine different pieces of clothes together! If you're a Rock star Queen - this collection is for you!

Photo by Sasha Kozlov

The Plus size collection is made with lots of love and for any size or body shape there is! Over more than 10 years, I've developed considerable experience and created flattering patterns of wedding dresses for Plus size women. I'm inviting you to come to my studio and try on some beautiful dresses, I promise you a great and delicate experience!


NOVA is a Haute Couture collection that created to make peace and to allowing myself to dream big. I created this collection intuitively straight from the heart using every technical skill that I learned over the years.


KDUSHA is a new collection that created after October 7th Terror Attack on Israel. This collection was created in order to give hope and pray for good to come. I am excited to share with you the LeeKodo 2024 KDUSHA (sacred) collection, a collection of purity, cleanliness, hope, love and holiness, a collection created straight from the stomach and heart with great hope for the gospels Blessings and spiritual protection for the soldiers and the abductees, may they all return back home safely. This collection contains references to Jewish roots that I feel related to more than ever. Along with the wedding dresses, this time I chose to also design groom clothes and items that are unisex and allows both genders to wear.

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